Building a house has pretty much consumed my life for the past 2.5 years, but we finally got moved in about a month ago. No respite for this weary soul, I still had two years of deferred boat maintenance to catch up on before the WBF in Port Townsend...which of course got cancelled. But I still had rigging to deal with, topside and bottom paint that needed renovation and a stuck bilgeboard. With the boat back in the water (many thanks for your assistance Jeff) I realized my window of opportunity to sail without getting rained on was closing. What better shakedown cruise than a quick overnighter? I can see Clam Bay from one of the windows in the new house, it seemed like a perfect destination.

Tacking out of Eagle Harbor, pointed towards our local Superfund site, a former creosote plant. The buildings house pumps that are trying to suck the sticky residue out of the ground. Timing the currents are critical to getting anywhere by sailboat in the Salish Sea, I launched about 1430 to catch a ride through Rich Passage.

Fortunately I only aroused moderate interest from this fellow.

A glorious sight after so long away. Backlit sail in a blue glad I didn't go for the tanbark when I sewed these up.

Light wind but with the current slack we were running 3+ knots according the GPS. Clean bottom good...
Bremerton is to port, our destination to starboard.