Found this on Craigs list and couldn't resist posting it.

I mean, the trailer alone is worth the 450 bucks!

It's in Portland. I'd go get it myself, but I'm picking up a free boat project saturday, and I only have room in my barn for one project at a time. Still, if nobody else wants it.....Maybe I can put it somewhere...

Need a fun project?
This boat is a Weekender design by Stevenson Projects. The plans first appeared as a featured boat design in a 1981 Popular Science magazine and was presented as a being easy to build.
I purchased this boat about 3 years ago but my health has kept me from finishing it. It just needs some elbow grease, paint, and some repair on ice storm damage.
Weekender Building Guide with plans
Boat trailer
Trask Nylon Sails- slightly soiled- looks like they have never been used.
Another set of Polytarp Sails
All rigging
Ice storm damage: Topping lift & bow sprit