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Thread: Oolichan / Candlefish deck options

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    Default Oolichan / Candlefish deck options

    I've started building an Oolichan 13 from Devlin Boats.
    The Oolichan is a wider version of the Candlefish 13 which is why I included that in the title as I believe a few of these have been built (I've trolled through those threads already).
    The plans come with two deck layout options, what seams to be the standard bridge deck which has a deck across the boat between frames 2 and 3, and an open version which just has two bench seats down each side.

    I have stated to build it already but haven't stood any frames up yet so now is the time to decide.

    Has anyone built similar boats and have an opinion on what they prefer?
    the boat is going to be used for a few different uses including being a yacht tender, coaching sailing and for fishing and crabbing.
    I guess the bridge deck would be better for the fishing and crabbing but not sure about the other uses.

    I'd like to hear other people thought or experiences with similar boats?

    Candlefish 13 | Devlin Designing Boat Builders (

    Oolichan 13 | Devlin Designing Boat Builders (

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    Default Re: Oolichan / Candlefish deck options

    I know this is pretty old, but for completeness, for the next guys...

    I like the bridgedeck. The whole structure is unified, and probably most likely to wear well. Pockets are super useful. If I made the non BD version I would make all the seating bonded in ply like the BD version.

    I actually wanted a flats skiff with a forward deck. I have that boat cut out... For now the bridgedeck is great when you want something to stand high on for casting.

    Running the boat, I never get that far forward anyway. Storage is massive. Chip went for the bridgedeck.


    Weight? If I had US pricing, and easy access to materials I would have done the BD in cored composite, or balsa and light ply. The benches could be all 1/4" rather than 1/2" But they might need some tweaking, so you need to be good with that kind of substitution.

    Making a really good hatch, is a lot of work. I want to go flush with drains, at this point I haven't cut the hatch yet.

    You can't just walk forward.

    If I was designing it, I might make it so the BD was super light and in the forward two compartments (plus one would have the decked in forward triangle. That would solve a lot of problems, but given the weight shift core construction might be a good idea for for the flat surfaces. I would certainly prefer that to the fishing version he now also offers in one of these models (C16?).

    Big disadvantage is you have something to climb over, relative to other designs

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