Was wondering if anyone out there in Forumland had ever built subject craft. I've got her single sheet drawing and am starting lofting her today. I really love lofting and building large scale boat models. Have not decided how to power her and have heard that these small commercial gasoline engines are not suitable and was wondering if gearing them down would be the answer. I would love to find a 1.25 - 1.5 hp "hit or miss" engine but it seems that most of those have been picked up by collectors to display on their various mantles. I plan to carry her in the bed of my Ford pickup on an aluminum wheeled carriage and there is plenty of room for a pair of aluminum arced loading ramps. In these days of high speed and crowded automobile traffic, pulling a trailer with boat down to the lake to wait my turn to a launching ramp while dreading backing the trailer is more than this 82 year old former farm boy can stand. I couldn't back a trailer 70 years ago and my father would really "get on my case" about that so even though I've tried many times, I just can't make it work. Thanks for listening............John Campbell, Belton, Texas ....254 493 8493