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Thread: Simple voting rights bill: what I sent to dnc

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    Default Simple voting rights bill: what I sent to dnc

    Voting rights protection is not difficult, and need not be complex. It NEEDS to eliminate any line over 15 minutes. It NEEDS to insure all votes are counted. Vote by mail NEEDS to be an option, and every voter should be within "x" distance from a drop box. Do those three things, if you do nothing else.

    You NEED to educate people who've not voted by mail how hard it would be to commit fraud. One would have to PRECISELY duplicate the ballot for each districts, and perhaps each town, as the board of ed. or the mayor may be on the ballot. They would have to PRECISELY duplicate that associated envelopes, and forge a signature they've likely never seen.

    You are faced with your last chance to save our democracy. It's that simple.

    If the feds foot the bill, all of this can be a budget item and pass via reconciliation.
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    Default Re: Simple voting rights bill: what I sent to dnc

    I looked at this expecting to see a full pledged bill. A bill that the DNC could read, agree with, and push for passage. Not something that needed significant legal work to put in the proper form. Not something that needed one to find a source of funding.
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