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    I don’t have many photos of my old Blanchard but these surfaced from friends recently. She was built in 1940 and of a fleet of 97 built, B-22 was the only one built with a longer cabin that extended forward of the mast, all others had the cabin stop a few inches aft of the mast. A Blanchard Sr. Knockabout is kind of a cruising evolution of a Star. The rig and sail plan are Star, although the Blanchard also carries a genoa, and the keel, skeg and rudder are a Star configuration but with a 200 lb. ballast shoe added to the keel.

    I owned this boat from 1974 to 1986, and she was the originator of the Lake Union Duck Dodge, together with her previous owner in an International 110. I even had the privilege of giving Norm Blanchard Jr. the helm in one Duck Dodge race. I’ve lost track of B-22 “Blackfish”, if anyone knows of her whereabouts it would be fun to know.



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    Every time I watch the Duck Dodge I think about you and this boat Ron. Would be neat to find her again!
    - Chris

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