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Thread: Impressive Inflatable Kayak

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    Default Impressive Inflatable Kayak

    If you have seen how stiff the inflatable SUP are, you can understand that this kayak is quite rigid. Full featured, there is a seat, pedal drive, paddle rack, rod holders, a stowage system and more. Deflate it and it fits in a hockey bag. Faux teak. 12 foot LOA

    $1500 usd
    $800. For the pedal drive


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    I'm waiting for someone to apply this technology to a kayak that would paddle well. The performance oriented inflatable kayaks I've seen don't use the high-pressure systems that make the good SUPs and this boat work. Have I missed one?

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    I have an inflatable kayak that can be paddled with 1 or 2, can be checked as standard luggage when flying, inflates with a manual pump in 100 strokes (about two minutes) with a bag to launch ready setup time of about 5 minutes. It's been on several airplane trips and a whole bunch of road trips. I've paddled it in waters of 6 states. Inflatable kayaks can be great boats.

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