Iíve looking at options for mooring my 28ft Keeler. Iíve been renting a walk on mooring at my local marina, from the marina operators. I could buy the lease to a mooring at the same marina, for around $25k. I would then pay the monthly operating expenses to the marina. Theyíre pretty close to what I pay in rent. The leases have varying expiry dates, from 7 to 17 years in the future. I assume the resale value of the lease diminishes as the term comes closer to expiry. If Iím right about all of that, I donít see why anyone would buy the lease rather than rent. But people do, and Iím looking at the lower end of the market: my boat is 28ft. Bigger leases are on the market for up to $200k, and even $1m at a new marina nearby. Am I missing something? Should I buy or rent?