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Thread: Paul Bunyon's ax for sale

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    Default Paul Bunyon's ax for sale

    Well I had to have something really stupid to ask my really stupid question.

    What gives with people who are gullible enough to fall for the latest heat or cool miracle. Having made scads of money on the Quaker heater that outdid science by a million BTU's are the same one behind the little cube of cooling fantasy? Cool any room in 2 minutes from sweltering to Arctic temperature ?? Maybe its a mouse's bedroom.

    I wonder how they can be so brazen as to make such impossible claims in a place where people have graduated from preschool? It does not even take an IQ of 40 to know that BTU's can't be fooled this way. Maybe they only need to fool the minuscule BTU stock of some locked brains to get the millions of bucks that seem to flow toward such crap.

    Maybe I am the one who is not smart enough to follow the logic of their design and how it works.

    Not really important in a society where I, who can date my family to 1630 at a future Boston, may be disenfranchised by being unable to have a vote because my great grandfather pissed on the sidewalk where a later statue to the Donald will reside. Or some such equally asinine logic. OK, its time to fold my rant tent and get to bed.
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    Default Re: Paul Bunyon's ax for sale

    "As seen on TV" will grab them every time, almost equaled by " . . But wait, there's more. . . " And who can forget " Call right away, and we'll double the offer - just pay separate shipping and handling "

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