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Thread: What model is this Chris Craft ?

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    Default What model is this Chris Craft ?

    I think the year is 1960 or 1961, but no other information since the owner passed away, the widow has no clue nor cannot find any documents...

    Overall dimension is 27'8''. The nameplate says X 27

    Cavalier, Constellation or Sea Skiff ??? I am confused...!


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    Default Re: What model is this Chris Craft ?

    I am certainly no Chris Craft expert, but there were lots of them around here (Detroit area) when I was a kid. From my casual observation back then, the Cavaliers were plywood, the Connies were planked, and the Sea Skiffs were lapstrake. There were other models as well.

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    Default Re: What model is this Chris Craft ?

    X27 is hull , serial nos 001 to 106 a Super Deluxe express,
    501 to 1298 a Constellation. so a connie. looks just like the pics. very original or nice restoration .
    798 made, this was 260th off the line
    Chris Craft 283 single or K283 twin motors

    Thanks to 'CC The essential guide' Jerry conrad The Mariners Museum page 211
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