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    Default Center/daggerboard length

    I'm not sure this is the right area for this but it does seem a design attribute.
    i have a Joel White Shellback dinghy which I have been sailing relentlessly for the past couple months. LAkes and local inlets etc. It's a fine little boat. the original ply daggerboard it came with was made to the original dimensions (except for the curved top) but the bevels were wobbly and the board had become potato chip-like and stuck badly all the time. I made a new on out of laminate 1" mahogany strips and as I had read somewhere about someone making a larger board for performance so I made my new on about 4" long/deeper.

    I'm wondering if this could be detrimental. The Shellback seems to b e designed to be forgiving, smaller sail plan etc. likely smaller board and rudder designed to fit behind the stern twhart.

    So far I've not noticed a problem, mostly I've noticed the new one is easy to put in and take out. I imagine not being warped and having a regular and slightly more performance profile helps too.

    Any thoughts?

    Any thoughts on this?
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