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Thread: Juneau Umiak information?

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    Default Juneau Umiak information?

    I'm trying to conjure @jsjpd, not sure if there is a way to do that on this forum. Anyway, during the July 4 celebration, I spotted this umiak half-buried in the sand at Sandy Beach in Douglas, AK and wondered if he (or anyone else) knows about its provenance. It's clearly not traditional, having been lashed with nylon cord and webbing. Having grown up here, I wonder if the boat was always there and faded into the background because I wasn't yet into umiaks, specifically. Or whether it has been left here recently to become a jungle gym for kids playing at the beach.
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    Default Re: Juneau Umiak information?


    I suppose I could have missed it, but I walked Sandy Beach regularly when I lived on Douglas Island (1993-99) and I didn't see any umiak there.

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