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Thread: USS Franklin CV13

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    A good movie about the ship in WW2 and asks the question , During enemy action, Is it desertion to jump overboard when trapped by fire ? The then skipper thought so and charged those that did with desertion and munity. Although listing and severely damaged The ship survived and made it back to the Brooklyn Navy yard USA.

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    Some likely panicked, some were blown or otherwise forced over, but Captain Gehres' blanket charging shows that he was basically diverting attention from his own incredible blunder at not being at general quarters.

    Did Captain Gehres really never get the warnings? If he didn't that getting some of the crew fed was humane and good leadership, but for their getting caught so short. Other aspects of his leadership appear good, but his treatment of the water bound know he had td stinks of covering what could well have led to court marshal.

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