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Thread: About bulkhead/transom bevels...

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    Default About bulkhead/transom bevels...

    Greetings, Iíve been looking at the plans for the mayfly 14, and thereís something about the transom and bulkhead side edge bevels that confuses me. While the bottom bevels are pretty easy to wrap my head around, I just canít visualise the sides based on the plans.

    Does anyone by any chance have pictures of a bulkhead or transom with the bevels visible?

    Iíll get started by cutting the main parts of the boat within the next few days and itís really exciting.

    Any other random piece of advice would also be highly appreciated,

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    Default Re: About bulkhead/transom bevels...

    Jason, my apologies for being so slow to reply. You might find this page of my build thread helpful, although the photos don't show the bevels very clearly.

    If you look closely at this picture, you may be able to see that the outer surface of the transom is slightly smaller than the inner surface. That's where the bevels come in.

    transom doubler resized.jpg

    In this picture of my lofting, ignore the red and blue lines. The vertical lines represent stations, frames, bulkheads. The green line represents the side of the boat in a plan or bird's-eye view. Notice in the circled areas that the green line does not intersect the station lines at a 90 degree angle. This non-right angle is the bevel. If you did not have the bevel, the sides of the boat would be parallel and would not form a pretty boat shape. Probably other forum members can explain this more clearly.

    half breadth bevel resized.jpg

    Good luck with your project, and remember to show us pictures!
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