Hello everyone ! first time posting here. I recently was gifted a 1950 comet with trailer from a friend who just didn't have the space for it anymore. I have fixed up three old houses in my days, but i am brand new to boat repair and the specifics of woodworking with boats. I purchased a few books that are on their way and I have been searching the forum here and trying to contact on facebook a few friends in the wooden boat world for guidance. I know that i am a noobie here, so i apologize... and I hope someone will be willing to give me some help figuring out my first steps. Here are some photos of the boat, to get us started:

the main problem I have is in understanding the proper way to deal with the long, thin sections on the underside of the boat that look like rot/seperation of the planks. I have read some people route out the area where the planks meet, and then epoxy in a thin strip made to fit that gap. Others have told me that I should NEVER consider putting epoxy or glass on this boat since it is wood. There seems to be a big back and forth about when i could/should use epoxies and other things that I feel a bit lost on.

Here are some specific photos of problem areas, that maybe others can help with. I am trying to just get an understanding of the vocabulary, and what I would need to do to get her sailing with the family and safe. I am not looking for a hardcore restoration, but am willing to be a lot of sweat and time into it. I would love any and all help pointing me in the direction of my first steps!

1950 comet