I have a new 24’ daysailor incoming with an Electric Yacht 5.0 inboard. Very cool.
Builder installed 3 12v batteries (31 AGM Odysseys) wired in series to power the 36v motor.
Since the boat will live on our mooring here in Maine, I can’t recharge the batteries with shore power; I’ll need solar (or a generator).
Motor will be used only lightly (I like to sail on and off the mooring, though once in awhile I might use the motor when mooring) and just in case (wind dies, wind is very light and tide is wronging the ‘wrong’ direction, or a mechanical failure), but that is really rare.
Though when you need the motor you need the motor I guess. Too big to paddle and not set up to row.
So I think I will have very light motor usage, and when I do, am happy to motor at low-moderate speeds. No other electric demands (except for auto bilge pump, but with the self-bailing cockpit it should experience very light usage).
So here’s what I need to learn:
- I am somewhat familiar with using solar to charge batteries wired in parallel, but how do I charge a battery bank that is wired in series (so that all 3 batteries get their charge)?
- I expect to lay the panel(s) in the cockpit when moored, but store below or in a cockpit locker when sailing; so the panel(s) should be portable and ideally foldable, but relatively light (no heavy frame)
- Where can I buy the components from that can provide some expertise and confidence that I’m buying decent quality; unlikely that Amazon meets those needs. This is a small project so I hate to pester the yacht-level solar specialists.

Thanks so much for any help or experience you can provide.

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