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Thread: Band Saw - Carbide blade tips request

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    Default Band Saw - Carbide blade tips request

    I have a 14" Harbor Freight (Yes, I know) stationary bandsaw that I have used for years for utility cutting of wood, aluminum, and copper. Four speeds - pulley selected. The blade tensioner is but a spring on a threaded shaft with suggested marks for different blade widths, but I have generally kept the blade tension low for all blade types/widths to save the tires and bearings - never had any issues and performance/precision is acceptable.

    I have purchased a Lenox Tri-master 3 TPI carbide blade, 1/2 " width x 0.025 thick. Blade test cuts fine and very smooth, and is noisier than other blades on this saw.

    I would ask the experts here if I am OK keeping the blade tension on the lower side, and should I be using higher blade speeds or lower? Also, are carbide blades inherently noisier?


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    Default Re: Band Saw - Carbide blade tips request

    Joe, I am not a bandsaw user, but did a little searching, and found a 36 page PDF created by Lenox tools which has information on blades and tension (I have no affiliation) .. The PDF is at ' '


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    Default Re: Band Saw - Carbide blade tips request

    My own experience with carbide tipped bandsaw blades has me inclined to run them pretty tight, but the condition of the tyres is critical, they have to be in good order or you'll have tracking issues.
    I should mention that I've two customers running these blades cutting Hebel foamed cement blocks for sculpture work, they work really well although the machines themselves wear out bearings and guides pretty quickly.

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