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Thread: School me on my boat!

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    In case anyone else is looking, I found a carrier who will provide full coverage without a survey. My annual premium is $223 vessel plus $300k liability, $300k uninsured. They didn't need my social security # (Hagerty did).

    Heritage Marine Insurance
    Direct Line: (860)980-3891

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    We here know that wood-based boats can have lives as long as glass ones.
    My first boat, a plywood stitch & glue pram, is as good as new at age 32 and my latest boat recycles the keel and rig of a J/24 whose balsa core self-composted at the same age. I’m confident that it’ll last longer.

    What kind of thinking do y’all get when talking with insurance underwriters?
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    Bumping this thread to note that the boat is now for sale...
    - Chris

    Any single boat project will always expand to encompass the set of all possible boat projects.

    Life is short. Go boating now!

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