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Thread: Hybrid EyE for Halyard - Dyneema

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    Default Hybrid EyE for Halyard - Dyneema

    Is this a reliable eye splice method for your halyard:

    I plan to use it to attach the hook to my halyard because the standard Brummel eye splice gets too fat for my sheave in the mast. The hook catches the strop on my balance lug yard and it works well trailer sailing but I have not used it the real word yet.

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    Default Re: Hybrid EyE for Halyard - Dyneema

    I haven't tried a soft shackle eye splice on a halyard but I have used soft shackles in other places with great success. I use one to attach the boom vang to the boom on my 24' Farr 740 Sport. It has a big main and long boom and even with an 8:1 vang tackle the the soft shackle takes the load and releases easily when I remove the vang at the end of the season. It looks like the method linked would would work for you.

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