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Thread: Towing with an electric vehicle

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    Default Towing with an electric vehicle

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    Default Re: Towing with an electric vehicle

    A interesting article. One thing I don’t buy is that a gas vehicle loses half of its MPG or range. I regularly am hauling my 12’ flatbed trailer behind my Tundra with looking loads of debris for the recycler, or topsoil, or mulch, or gravel, or lumber, easily 3,000 to 5,000 pounds, and I may lose less than 2 MPG. Typical round trip is 10 to 30 miles.

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    Default Re: Towing with an electric vehicle

    I've seen other articles confirming that Tesla experience. I used to tow a 4,000 pound boat & trailer with a 4,000-pound car, and the mileage was cut by half, from 20 mpg to 10 mpg at 55-60 mph, and from 18 to 9 at 65-70 mph. The boat was a tall, high-windage deal. You can't get something for nothing, as my high school physics teacher always used to say.

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