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Thread: deks olje finish on hull

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    Default deks olje finish on hull

    Has any one used Deks Olje D1and D2 on a wooden (larch) clinker/lapstrake hull ???

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    Default Re: deks olje finish on hull

    On lapstrake plywood hulls Fir and or Sapele, I like it.
    Use the #1 and keep applying it daily until it won't take anymore, likely a couple of gallons. Then maybe use the #2 but I have only done that for interior work. The beauty of #1 is you can just apply ot over the old. I don't think the #1 behaves the same way.
    (I have mixed the #1 and #2, 50/50 for a bit more gloss... again interiors of clinker boats.)

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    Default Re: deks olje finish on hull

    Dad refinished a Whilly Boat (Occume ply) with Deks. I'm pretty sure he liked it, both the application and the result. The boat had previosuly had an oil finish I think or maybe the same stuff. The Occume was in good shape still at it was i think 20 years old. There was some staining to the garboard from having water sat in it, but the wood was still fine. It showed us that oil finishes can seem to give a durable boat and of course easy to apply and re coat. There was a similar thing called Varnol 20 years ago that was well regarded but unfortunately now seems hard to find. Scandinavian I think.


    Can't remember if he just used 1 or 1 then 2. I also remember him liking that/ trying Hempel white/ cream paint though it's probably different now Hempel's been sold. I'd imagine Larch would look pretty good under some Deks if Occume can!
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    Default Re: deks olje finish on hull

    Quote Originally Posted by Canoeyawl View Post
    Use the #1 and keep applying it daily until it won't take anymore,
    I used Deks #1 on my Tammie Norrie and the instructions said to re-coat every 15 minutes until it won't take anymore.

    I refinished it recently after a simple wash down and it looks great.

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