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Thread: Value of a 16ft matinicus double ender

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    Default Value of a 16ft matinicus double ender

    was wondering the range in value for a matinicus double ender built to the duck trap lines in fair to good condition, 16 footer. I know that there's a lot of variables and the market can be all over the place, trying to get a bead on it. Minimal wear and tear. White cedar lap planked over oak with no bright work.Thanks for the input.
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    Default Re: Value of a 16ft matinicus double ender

    Wooden boats are generally hard to sell, but Covid has improved the market for all boats. When pricing a boat I look for similar listed anywhere: Ebay, Facebook, WoodenBoat, Craigslist and Messing About In Boats. Then I price mine a little lower unless I only find crazy high prices. If it doesn't get replies I lower the price. Good luck with yours.

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