Hi everyone,
I've always loved boats and have had a couple of nice ones over the years, but in my retirement I always wanted to build myself a small traditional yacht, so over four years ago I started building my boat, she's more than half built now and was coming along nicely, just before the end of last year I was diagnosed with some pretty nasty stuff, and to cut a long story short, sadly I've had to give up any plans to finish her as I'm no longer able to do so, I've looked at trying to recoup some of my material costs but have since decided that somehow I'd like to donate her to cancer research, I see in the US and the UK there are firms that do this sort of thing, they turn up and take away your boat, car, caravan or anything really and presumably turn it into cash for your chosen charity, unfortunately I can't seem to find anything like that here in NZ, so was wandering if you guys out there may be able to offer suggestions on how I could go about organizing something like this, and I'd like to get onto it wile I still can, so any ideas you have would be much appreciated.....................