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Thread: Port Townsend WBF 2021 is a go

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    Default Port Townsend WBF 2021 is a go least for now. They are accepting applications, I just got an email indicating they will once again allow me to bring Marianita to the event. It will be interesting to see how things pan out over the summer but it is nice to have something fun on the horizon.

    If you would have a good boat, be a good guy when you build her - honest, careful, patient, strong.
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    Default Re: Port Townsend WBF 2021 is a go

    Me too. I’m also planning on coming up for the Salish 100 in July.

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    Default Re: Port Townsend WBF 2021 is a go

    I'm pushing on Wonderland dingy, constant rig mods, engine back n forth to Tacoma Diesel THREE times..(incompetent slackers).
    Since I had her in the water 4 years ago, I learned she was originally built by Sam Conner in 1978...the original founder of the Festival !
    And Jan is covering the show for Classic Boat.
    We'll try to follow along the 48/70 and the Salish 100

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