I went to the Keys Easter week with a substantial cohort of many others. We stayed in the middle Keys but took a drive to Key West. Kind of crowded but had a great lunch on the water at a restaurant on the West side. A beautiful classic schooner was coming across and beating up the channel.
I told my family that boat had to be a classic and have some history. They know I'm a boat-nut and so poked fun at me but my wife said "He could be right... It has happened before"
It was quite breezy and the schooner tacked easily and glided through the beautiful waters.
So when we got back to the hotel I searched up sailing charters in Key West and found the boat - The "When and If". Of course the next stop was Google to Wikipedia etc.
Designed by John Alden and built in 1939 in Maine for (then) Colonel Patton. Double planked with mahogany. Looks great and has obviously been well cared for I think. The boat's name comes from his statement that he would sail her when and if he got back from Europe. I had no idea that he was such a sailor. The sad part of the story is that he didn't get back from Europe to sail the boat because of a fender bender in an Army jeep after the end of the war but while there acting as military governor.