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Thread: Fairing below the waterline best product

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    Default Fairing below the waterline best product

    I have a 35' mahogany planked sloop, i have recently power washed the bottom and primed with hemples underwater primer. What is the best product to use now to fair the hull prior to another primer and coat of anti foul? Im worried about using an epoxy product, as i dont want to use something that will create more work getting off somewhere down the line.

    Thanks in advance.

    Please only answer if you have experience backed up with rationale.

    If at first .....

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    Default Re: Fairing below the waterline best product

    I believe your fear of epoxy is not rationale.
    I fear blasting a bare wood bottom with the pressure washer.
    Not flimflamular with Hemples in the states.
    Is it a one part primer with some kind of metal innit ?
    One recons your choice of putty is either polyester,epoxy or some kind of goo that will clog sandpaper, thus not being worth spit.
    Epoxy mixed with the correct fillers is a completely different animal than epoxy mixed with the wrong fillers.
    The correct fillers are WEST 407...the red moon dust. For SUPERFINE fussy perfection, use WEST 410.


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    Default Re: Fairing below the waterline best product

    What do you mean by "fair the hull"? If it was lumpy, why did you paint it before sanding it fair?

    If you would have a good boat, be a good guy when you build her - honest, careful, patient, strong.
    H.A. Calahan

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    Default Re: Fairing below the waterline best product

    I can absolutely guarantee that your shoulders and arms will ache-whatever product you use.How much work does the boat need and what is your pain tolerance?

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    Default Re: Fairing below the waterline best product

    How much fairing does it really need and why? Are you racing this boat? Who's gonna see it?

    Save yourself the aggravation and just go sailing.

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