Yeah, it's mine. 1963 Borresen boat with trailer, rig, sails, etc..

She needs a new deck, at least aft behind the combing and about three-four feet back from there, but replacing the whole deck would be the best idea. The mast needs a couple of pieces of wire and some tidying up. The trailer needs the thing that fits down on the trailer ball of your vehicle replaced and the wiring probably needs to be renewed.

And she needs a refinish. The hull was glassed by Diversified Marine (US Olympic boatwright Donnie Brennan) and is in very good shape.

If you are interested in this let me know. I never thought I'd give her up, but things have kind of gotten out of hand now and I can't decide whether to throw myself into her and get her going again myself or see if anyone out there might be interested? If so you can let me know and we can talk. If no one is interested I am not sure how I will deal with her.

Mickey Lake
Fish River, Alabama