Need help finding some hull plans for my next build.

Going for the topsides look of a mid 1950s Chris Craft Sedan with Flybridge at 24’ LOA and beam at 8’ max. Here's a pic just for reference..


There are some plans around for similar boats (glen-l has a few, for example), but most are fairly flat at the transom (deadrise ~5 degrees), that I fear won’t suit the water where I boat in NW on the Columbia river. In the afternoons, wind picks up and white caps and chop abound. My family won’t enjoy the pounding.

I can take care of building out the deck, cabin and cockpit, but what I’m looking for is a modern hull design I can build on top of for a more comfortable ride on this river. I don’t want to go for a straight deep vee hull that can take the chop but will plane only at higher speeds, and that rocks and rolls at low speed and while stopped. I won’t be taking this out in the ocean.

I want a fairly modern plywood Modified deep Vee hull design with deadrise at transom of about 15 degrees (+/-) and either chine flats, strakes, or something to get it on plane reasonably quickly and add stability at low speed. Also looking for a hull with a profile view sheer with slightly reverse curvature, higher at midships, to help with the retro appearance I’m looking for.

What designs have hulls like this that I can consider. I don’t care what the general arrangement of cabin/cockpit are, because I’m going to build that out differently anyway. Will consider outboard and I/O (not so hot on straight line inboard) options in the 100-150hp range, at this point.

Suggestions? Many thanks!