I am hoping to improve my process for this coming summer. Right now I have 4 tanks, each with a weighted rubber flapper valve that lets water in the tank but not much out. I launch the boat and rock it back and forth. The tanks fill about 2/3 or 3/4 full, then I need to reach down thru a hatch into very cold water and insert an expanding rubber plug to secure the hole. Then I pump water in to top-off the tank, and secure the hatch. Ballast emptying is a pump process until I have enough out that I can get the boat on the trailer, haul it out, and pull the ballast plugs to dry the tanks. My total water ballast is about #1850. Obviously this party is happening while others wait impatiently for the launch ramp.
I purchased a pair of two-directional ballast pumps from a hated wakeboard company, but every time I try to think thru the plumbing for two pumps / 4 tanks with fill and empty I get crazy. I would love to keep the tank hatches in place, but this would require an overflow on each tank, and all sorts of valves.

Any ideas?