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    Default Solar panel hookup questions

    Perhaps some of you have experience with solar panels on boats. My current build will have a 48V electric motor. I am currently planning on having an two battery banks. A 48V bank for the engine and a seperat1 12 volt house battery bank (none of this is set in stone). It is a 25 ft yawl rig, so I will be somewhat limited on how I will put solar panels on the boat. I was planning on not installing solar panels initially and just manage keeping batteries charged with shore power until I get some experience with working the boat and a better feel for where I could possibly install solar panels. That is likely still the case. However, the more I think about it, the more it appears that the only place to install panels will be on top of the cabin trunk. There is not much space there, but I could put a pair of panels on each side (the flexible walk-on-top-of type). But this seems to present other problems. I have read that one should only wire the panels together before the MPPT if they are going to have very similar shading characteristics. So that would require a MPPT for both sides of the cabin. I also want to select if the panels are charging the engine bank or the house bank. And of course I need a different MPPT for the 12 volt and the 48 volt. So now I need 4 MPPTs? Is this all correct? I suppose it works out where I could use one side to charge the engines and one side the house batteries all of the time.

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with this and I am on the right track.


    ETA: one more question, that I have not found an answer for. When the batteries become fully charged, what happens to the energy produced by the panels. Does the MPPT just dissipate that electrical input as heat?
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