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Thread: Recycling bandsaw blades?

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    Default Recycling bandsaw blades?

    When I was given my eighty-year old, fourteen inch Boyce Crain bandsaw, it came with a half dozen useless blades. Old, dull, and designed for another kind of cutting than what I use the saw for. I bought new blades as I needed them, and have been using the saw pretty much daily for at least fifteen years, and now have half a dozen blades in various sizes, configurations. And all but two are awaiting new welds. Years ago when I first got started with it, as the need arose, I built a jig with which to trim and braze a broken blade. I spent some time getting good enough at it, but it's tedious, and it's been a while, and I don't want to spend the time revisiting all that business, so I'm going to request a budget item for three new bandsaw blades, and I intend to recycle all the broken and antique ones.

    My question is what do I need to do, to responsibly get rid of these old blades that are still sharp enough to present a risk to humans who might be involved in the recycling?
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