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Thread: Question about max file size for posting?

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    Default Question about max file size for posting?

    I wrote an article for Messing About in Boats way back in 2001. It was a step by step instructional to make hollow shaft spoon blade 8'-9" oars. It's long out of print. Can't believe it, but I still get requests from people for copies of the original article. I have a pdf of the original article; these are essentially just photos of all 5 pages of the article. As a consequence, the file is quite large - 6000 kb.

    I tried to upload the pdf, but wasn't able to due to its size. Can anyone help me to upload this? I'm sort of a dunce with computers. Any help appreciated.

    Joel Herzel

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    Default Re: Question about max file size for posting?

    Dunno either but maybe you could post the article by simply typing it in. Then save the pictures to your computer and attach them one at a time.
    Your oar plans sound very interesting. Would sure like to see 'em.


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    Default Re: Question about max file size for posting?

    Maybe you could photograph typed pages and post them?

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    Default Re: Question about max file size for posting?

    Could you run into copyright problems posting it here if it has been published elsewhere?

    I had a look at copying a pdf document and found that I could highlight the print by left clicking and dragging, then select copy, then paste.
    I copied and pasted the following from a motorcycle manual I have in PDF on my computer:

    For your safety, as well as to preserve the warranty,
    reliability and worth of your motorcycle, use original
    Ducati spare parts only.
    This manual forms an integral part of the
    motorcycle and - if the motorcycle is resold - must
    always be handed over to the new owner.
    There is nothing quite as permanent as a good temporary repair.

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