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Thread: 2024 Olympic Mixed offshore class.

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    Default 2024 Olympic Mixed offshore class.

    Practicing off our dock.


    On the way back from getting coffee downtown. They’ve got the leeboard “foils”. Was intersecting to watch in the 20+ knots winds we had yesterday. Once they get moving the leeward foil generates lift and pushed the boat upright. Even without the headsail they were moving along. 10+ knots.
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    Default Re: 2024 Olympic Mixed offshore class.

    It's interesting to see that the French PHRF/yardstick style handicap rates the Figaro 3 at the same speed as the Farr Mumm 30, and only one step up from the older Figaro 2. Whether the foils are really helping, considering the extra complexity and very high costs involved, seems to be an open question.

    When the FIgaro 3 came out the hypesters said Beneteau's involvement was proof that foiling monos were mainstream, which was a very odd claim since earlier Beneteaus had included features that never made it into the mainstream or which faded away soon afterwards, like water ballast. Two-handed offshore racing is booming but the vast majority of people are sailing fixed keel, fixed ballast boats and not foilers. It'd be a pity to see the Olympics sailed in a class that doesn't represent the majority.

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    Default Re: 2024 Olympic Mixed offshore class.

    Very interesting.

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