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Thread: Happy birthday to Roy Morford...

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    Smile Happy birthday to Roy Morford...

    Wishing you a happy birthday and all of the very best for your new year.

    Choose wisely -Treat kindly...

    A secret to a good marriage is to have a quick mind and a slow mouth...

    S/V ORCA 38' Herreshoff Ketch

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    Default Re: Happy birthday to Roy Morford...

    Roy! I just looked at your Dianne's Rose listing on the Worldwide Boat Show--neat gunkholing video!

    Happy birthday, and best wishes. I hope all is well. Just a reminder of our shared cruising grounds--from the east side of Tanvat Island:

    Emily edit.jpg

    Enjoy some cake, or whatever passes for birthday treats around your place these days. Cheers,

    You don't have to be prepared as long as you're willing to suffer the consequences.

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