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Thread: Interlux 42 brown intimidation

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    Default Interlux 42 brown intimidation

    14', 59 Sears Elgin runabout. Information from the previous owner indicates that the stain used is Interlux 42 brown mahogany. I have no experience with stain on boats or anything else for that matter. In reading the net and watching YouTube videos my brain is rattled and I'm apprehensive to try using it as I don't want to screw it up. I would appreciate some direction and advice from those who have used it.
    Some parts that I'm confused about are, Thin till it's the consistency of house paint, some say thin by 1/2 with turpentine, some say thin with only the Interlux product......Brush on with the grain and after 20 minutes rub off with terry cloth against the grain....Some say use burlap to rub off. Some say multiple thin coats, others one coat and let it set a long time.

    Thank you for your time and advice.

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    Default Re: Interlux 42 brown intimidation

    I do not like or use stain.
    It's for houses not boats.

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    It’s not critical. Ordinary paint thinner is fine. Thin to consistency of heavy cream. Brush on a full coat. Rub with any coarse cloth and get it off the surface. Leave it in the pores. Let dry a day or two before a well thinned first coat. In sanding first coats of varnish, be careful not to sand down into the stained wood.
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