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    I will be looking for a Bimini top for my 1957 15' Lyman Outboard Runabout.
    I understand these have been made specifically for this boat.
    Any suggestions out there?
    Yum Runner

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    Default Re: Bimini Top

    That job is just basic canvas work. Any decent canvas shop should handle it with ease.

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    I used to be a "decent canvas shop" but the last two Bimini tops I've had were purchased readymade, and considering that they were only about $100 each they have worked quite well. The one I stuck on the Whaler came from Amazon. Nothing terribly fancy, it just works. I did switch the fore and aft support straps with thin Dyneema line which is less prone to flap at speed. The front lines are fitted with toggles that fit into a couple of stainless eye straps forward on the hull, so it can be quickly dropped and folded aft when fishing.



    The second top was for one of our inflatable cataraft pontoon boats and came from Oceansouth. It has the rear support leg, so it stays upright, but has a pretty clever built-in pocket that it stows in when folded out of the way.

    Yes, I could buy the frames and make my own, but I just wanted a couple of simple tops and it was easier just to buy them.

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    Those are quite reasonably priced. You probably couldn't buy all the stuff to make them yourself any cheaper.

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