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    To those that may know. Does this point towards an internally regulated alternator without a field (F) mount on exterior? Top pic is an enlargement of lower. I’m reasonably certain it’s a non-isolated ground (B-) , (W) is the tacho read sense wire, (D+) is the charge light and low wattage side of relays? , (B+) is battery positive feed. This is the way I’m reading it but you may know better.
    Reason I ask is I’m converting to an external regulator and lithium house battery but the more I look at it it’s perhaps Mr Balmar is going to get a call. Not sure if it’s a P or N type but that’s by the by.
    Another secondary question is if I go for an isolated ground Balmar is it just a matter of running a cable to engine block?



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    I don't know if you're familiar with this site, but this fellow knows a lot about marine alternators -- have a look.

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