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Thread: Making the Koryak Kayak

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    Default Making the Koryak Kayak

    I recently was contracted to make a skin on frame kayak for display in Victoria BC. Because it was display only, there would be no skin. The space was only 8 1/2 ft long and up high. Making a half scale kayak would mean that the width would only be about 10 - 12 inches. Not very impressive.

    We finally settled on a Koryak, which is only a little over 8 ft long, full sized. If you haven't heard of a Koryak, don't feel bad. Not many people have. It was built by the indiginous people, the Koryaks, from whom the boat is named after, and they lived on the Russian side of the Bering Strait.

    Anyway, I made three short videos about it:

    Building the Koryak Kayak (and a quick Skin on Frame boat primer)

    Building the Koryak Kayak 2

    Making the Koryak Kayak Display Stand
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