Are cheesy.

Sort of the defining characteristic, as I understand it.

The tangled webs, etc.

I'm watching 'El Candidato' on Amazon, and I find it very strange to see some of the best 'Hollywood' TV 'spy game' writing wrapped around the Mexican political moment.

They say that watching Spanish language TV with subtitles is one way to learn the language, but dang!

So, knowing only a smattering of Spanish, mostly centered on 'Saca todos los clavos, por favor, y corta este madera aqui. Gracias.' . . . Having only a smattering, I really can't tell if it's cheesy or not, but it has all the earmarks of what we call 'good TV' these days.

I can tell you about 8 episodes in that the James Purefoy character is in danger of becoming a caricature.