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Thread: A nice little home-designed cruiser/racer dinghy

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    Default A nice little home-designed cruiser/racer dinghy

    I saw the very nice little 14 footer in the link out on its second outing a couple of weeks ago. It's designed for singlehanded sailing in a bay that is quite breezy, and should be self righting. In winds that were over 20 in the gusts and with decent chop, it seemed to perform very nicely. Most of the yachts (including four 38-33 footers) were using small headsails and a few reefs were to be seen but the 14 footer bounced along nicely under control.

    I didn't get much of a chance to look at it, but was impressed by what I saw. It looked stable and neat motoring from the ramp, and under sail it seemed to be much faster (ie therefore with a much wider cruising radius) and much easier to handle than a couple of much better known traditional-style designs of similar LOA I've seen in action recently, or perhaps it was just much better rigged and sailed. Details from page 12 here;

    Very sweet.
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    Default Re: A nice little home-designed cruiser/racer dinghy

    The design has a wide stern and flat after sections, hopefully to assist planing off the wind. Downwind, the bow would be lifted, and the Cp increased. Up wind, the weight should be forward and heeled slightly so the bow is down, and the stern lifted and the waterline aft is narrowed, reducing Cp.
    is how National 12s are sailed

    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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