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Thread: The cruising family Griffith and their ship(s) Ahwahnee

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    Default The cruising family Griffith and their ship(s) Ahwahnee

    I randomly searched for sailing movies on Amazon Prime Video and the film _Following Seas_ came up.

    I suspect that many people here know of the Griffith family and their two Ahwahnee ships. And their multiple circumnavigations.

    If you don't know the film, it's mostly composed of footage shot by Nancy Griffith during their voyages and narrated by her later in life when this film was made.

    An excellent, excellent film.

    One thing that struck me is how they built a second Ahwahnee in ferrocement based on rough measurements of the bones of the first Ahwahnee after it was wreaked on a reef at a mostly deserted Pacific island. They didn't dilitate over exactly what and how to build, they just got busy doing the best they could under the circumstances... because they wanted to get back to sailing!

    There's a design based on the two Ahwahnees at Karston Marine, discoverable by googling.

    Edited to Add: Kasten Marine Designs has a prototype design, Ahwahnee III 48. The original Ahwahnee is an Uffa Fox design in wood at 53 feet. Kasten calls it a sailing canoe hull design. The Griffiths in the movie repeatedly just call it "fast".
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