I'm building a 17' CC and am getting to the point where I need to start getting fiberglass. The plans I have call for 2 layers of 6 or 10 oz cloth on the outside.
I can get BIAXIAL MAT 1700 , 30" (standard 17 oz double Bias fiberglass cloth) for $2.50 a yard. Here's what I'm thinking.... first layer of 1700 followed by a single layer of 6 oz. I think it would save me money and make the hull stronger than just using 2 layers of 6 oz or 10 oz.
My logic is the 1700 is the build up and the 6oz cloth as the second layer would be easier for me as a newbie to fairing as my understanding is the 1700 is not as smooth. I'm new to this and never fiberglassed before, so let me know your thoughts.