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    Default Duradon sail

    I need a new yawl lugsail. Small boat so small sail (9 mē)
    I wanted the sail be made out of tan Clipper canvas and asked some prices.
    One of the sail makers who works with Clipper canvas made an offer but claimed that DURADON as a material would be better. He claims that for a sail that is a lot in the sun ( I use the reefed yawl lugsail when laying at anchor to make the heavy long keeled boat a bit more agile in wind shifts)
    So he claims DURADON would be better.
    I asked around and in a Dutch forum some very experienced sailor told me that back in the 80s
    he had DURADON sails who after a year lost colour, they turned old rose and had problems with sagging.
    Anyone here using DURADON sails?
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    Default Re: Duradon sail

    Clipper Canvas, lovely that it is for its intended use, would make lousy dinghy sails (even the Clipper Light version). It's just too heavy to work well on such a small sail. Duradon was a material which was tried back in the early days of synthetic sailcloth and pretty much abandoned when much better cloth came along (Dacron). There are characteristics which can certainly make some Dacron offerings rather obnoxious to deal with, but if performance is at all important to you, it is clearly the fabric to choose.

    As to leaving a sail up while at anchor and letting the sun destroy it, I guess that's fine if you have deep pockets, but there is most likely a better way to go with some kind of purpose-built steadying sail made from a cloth designed for prolonged sun exposure, like Odyssey or Top Gun.

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