Yesterday was a day to put my heavy old 13 1/2 'Good Little Skiff to work, hour row, change my haul out to a winter ice proof rig, then an hour to row back, with a night haul out. Just pulling along, slipping along shore to stay out of the wind. Boredom on the water can set in, and I'd figure out how to spend some time pullng before you commit. With your size, sleeping in the boat will optimally be on the the floor boards, not high up. For designs with side tanks you should check the width between tanks. With your strength if you can afford it, something that is longer than 15' foot would be nice. Clint Chase's Drake it set up to have a small downwind sail.

Note that you have access to an erg. Serious time on it is no bad thing. I like cheap thriller novels or really old time rock and roll. A removable small sliding seat is good way to transfer erg muscles to a fixed seat boat. Up coming is the Concept 2 holiday challenge. Need 7k a day to make 200, but that may be hard with limited access in a gym.