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    This of course is an old port light. The part indicated was bent and someone tried to straighten it. Now it is cracked. Where can I get a replacement? Or who might be willing to make one? The threads are 1/2 - 13.

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    Any competent machine shop should be able to thread up a rod, drill tap the boss, then assemble it. I would have it brazed or silver soldered to lock the threaded stem into the boss.
    That is after trying to fix it by annealing it, straightening it and brazing the crack, then cleaning up the thread.
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    Fritz. Before you fix or replace that screw you might want to consider how it got damaged. It looks to me like a combination of the old gasket and the misalignment of the port hole pieces were probably the cause. The hinge side is probably worn, and the gasket is way less flexible that it was when it was younger.

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    I can make one, but... it looks like that may be a stud threaded (and brazed?) in the trunnion.

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