The restoration as come about because I have not been able to keep on top of for her yearly maintenance as much as I have been able too. The first restoration was done to get her back on the water as quickly as possible after she had been out of the water for over a decade and the planks had dried out a great deal and the first job to caulk the planks lightly and with a great deal of linseed putty get her afloat and moved to a half tide mooring.

After she had taken up enough to move her again, she was hauled out and the hull sorted out. At this point she was with out a deck, So then she was transport to a barn of a local farmer so that the deck could be fitted and the first of many ribs were replaced that time round. There were about 14 out of 30 ribs that needed to be replaced, some were broken and other had patches of rot or both.

Also at the time the cabin sides and deckhead needed to be replaced as well, so that was a further job that needed doing during the first restoration. While that was being done there were a few lengths of planking that needed renewing as well.

So all in all it was a major restoration the first time round.

This time the deck, the cabin deck head, more ribs which now need renewing the cabin berths, bulkheads between the cabin and the cockpit, the cockpit coamings, some of the sawn frames and the deck carlins and the two deck beams either side of where the mast originally when through the deck and the side deck beams and the top of the transom as well and both the sheer stakes.