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Thread: Repairing a Lowell's Surf Sailing (Swampscott) Dory

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    Default Repairing a Lowell's Surf Sailing (Swampscott) Dory

    I chanced upon a Surf Dory from Lowell's Boat Shop, with a gunter rig, that i got for very little. (In other words, I couldn't not buy it, even though it's more boat than I need or should really have.) It's 18' long, 64" wide and is made of lapstrake mahogany planks and oak frames. The problem is that the boat suffers from having water sitting in it, so that there's some rot on the bottom at the stern, on an oak frame and a few of the cleats, and on one of the garboards. Lowell's encapsulates their boats with epoxy on the bottom, including the garboard, so there's no telling how far the trouble extends. Anyway, it's a job. Any advice?

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    Default Re: Repairing a Lowell's Surf Sailing (Swampscott) Dory

    Need? Ha! Of course you need a boat.

    Post some pics so we can see what you can see.

    A well built boat is easier to repair than a poorly built one so you're starting from a good place.

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    Default Re: Repairing a Lowell's Surf Sailing (Swampscott) Dory

    I've rebuilt two lapstrake Swampscott-types, one a true Swampscott, one a Lowell Salisbury Point Skiff. Post some pics!

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