Ouch! It was bound to happen sooner or later. If you surf, you know:
The only board without a ding is the one you don't use.


The dings were small but one definitely pierced the bottom deck. After writing myself a strongly worded email about carelessness, I got on to fixing this.

The area was cleaned out and the Le Tonkinois varnish sanded back. Next, I mixed up some G/Flex with 207 & 210 Fairing Compounds. I wetted the ding with TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy. Without a moment of delay, I filled the ding with the West Systems fairing. After that cured, I cut it flush with a crank neck chisel and reapplied some more fairing compound. Sanded flush and then to 320 grit. Over the top, overlapping some of the surrounding wood, a light coat of penetrating epoxy.

Repairing the finish was much easier than I expected. I read and re-read every post here about varnish repair. It seemed intimidating. Well, in actual practice, it was easy peasy. Le Tonkinois easily blends with itself and covered nicely. After the second patch of Le Tonk, I gave the area a buff with 400 grit and the last patch coat. I am now where I was 2 weeks ago. Three coats of Le Tonkinois Huiles Bio Impression. Ding Fixed.

The bottom will get one more full bottom coat before resting. I've seen Jay Greer's cautions of varnish fatigue in other threads. I intend to let the Huiles Bio Impression fully oxidize and harden before proceeding to apply Le Tonk Classic.