Llangollen was always a favourite place of mine. When I was aged 12-15 I belonged to a cycling club in Liverpool, and one of our regular runs was Llangollen and back in a day, a round trip of about 100 miles. After I was married I took my wife and younger brother on the same cycling trip, although we stayed overnight on that occasion

Plas Newydd - A 14th-century country house in Llangollen, North Wales. Rebuilt in Victorian times and remodelled in the 1930s.
One time home to The "Ladies of Llangollen"..
Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby, were two upper-class Irish women whose relationship scandalised and fascinated their contemporaries during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.[1] The pair moved to a Gothic mansion in Llangollen, North Wales, in 1780 after leaving Ireland to escape the social pressures of conventional marriages. Over the years, numerous distinguished visitors called upon them. Guests included Shelley, Byron, Wellington and Wordsworth, who wrote a sonnet about them.

Throughout their lives, the two ladies dressed in menís clothes leading to the assumption they were lesbians. However, research of their diaries and correspondents hint at no sexual relations, prompting some historians to conclude it was a Boston marriage, or platonic romance.

The rather magnificent front doorway..