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Thread: attic found sail plans

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    Default attic found sail plans

    A friend has a just hauled out a heap of old sail plans, and we inventoried them: a total of 61 different sailing craft, and 97 views or images.

    The drawings are mostly for New England fishing schooners, one for a three-masted cargo schooner, and a couple for sloop or schooner yachts -- encompassing clipper; Indian-head; round; and knock-about bows.

    The Gloucester sail loft from which the plans derive was D. F. Harris & Co., and/or it's antecedent E. L. Rowe & Son.

    Many of the vessels depicted were built in the famous yards of Essex and designed by such notables as Thomas McManus and George Melville ("Mel") McClain.

    The oldest sheets look to be contemporaneous with when the vessels were built, which was around 1900.

    Other sheets are re-drawn plans, which are marked as such, are apparently identified as being the work of G. W. Thomas. Possibly he worked for the sail loft, or for a marine design firm. Thomas dates them mostly in the 1940s, and presumably they were re-drawn by him as the originals must have been too worn out to work with.

    Here are a few cursory photos.
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    Default Re: attic found sail plans

    Sounds like something that should go to the museum.

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    Default Re: attic found sail plans

    I love the simplicity of these plans. Essential information, nothing more.

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    Default Re: attic found sail plans

    Great find!

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    Default Re: attic found sail plans

    I vote for a museum or a foundation like MIT. They have the Herreshoff plans. That way they are preserved and copies can be made available.

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    Mystic Seaport has a very large plans collection including lots of schooners and other fishing craft. That would be a good place.

    I know there are some books and files of original sailmaker plans there. Give Paul O'Pecko who is in charge of collections a call.

    I need to dig out my McManus book and have a look to see if his plans are at some repository, which would really be the logical place for this collection as I suspect that many are McManus schooners.
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